My latest books

I publish a new book every 4 weeks on average -- sometimes slower, faster when I'm on a roll or doing a serial. I write intelligent, hot, story-driven books. I never, EVER listen when people tell me I could write shittier books faster and make more money. Writing great books matters and you deserve better. I love writing and I love my readers. You'll see that in every one of my stories. Read and enjoy!

About Me

My signature series is the Trillionaire Boys' Club, but in general I write intelligent, hot, story-driven romance novels

All three of those elements matter. I focus on story because it's the "feels" that matter most, and great emotion comes from compelling stories with believable characters. (So if you like paper-thin plots, I'm not your author.)

But I also write hot because it's how I'm wired, and I won't apologize for how I'm wired.

And lastly I write intelligent stories -- something you'll need to experience to understand.After reading something like Trevor's Harem, you'll either love me or decide I'm not for you. Either is cool. Different strokes for different folks, and all that. 

I love to explore new places and ideas as a writer, and I have very smart and cool readers who give me permission to take my stories wherever my heart leads me. 

As to which book to read first? Ah, that's a perfect transition. You can find the reading order for my books (and my thoughts on why it usually doesn't matter) here.