Meet Nathan.

Name: Nathan Turner

Company: The Foundation

Notable Holdings: LiveLyfe, GameStorming, Evercrunch

Net Worth: $1 Billion

Key Connections: Too many to quantify

Meet Nathan Turner. At a net worth of only $1 billion, Nathan is the least wealthy member of the Syndicate … and the one most responsible for its existence.

As a gifted (some say prodigious) networker, Nathan decided his best path to the kind of power the Syndicate would one day represent would be to leverage his many social and business connections rather than acquire the assets all on his own. Forming the Syndicate was the best way to do it, so Nathan’s goal therefore became simple: acquire enough money to meet the minimum required to join his own group, but no more.

There are networkers, there are gifted networkers, and then there is Nathan Turner. Despite his abrasive, arrogant personality, Nathan’s ability to make powerful friends is beyond the comprehension of most of his peers. His secret is to establish connections that lead to massive benefit for those he’s connecting — and to never force himself into the middle. In Nathan’s opinion, it’s better to be behind the scenes than out in front, and it’s better to profit big from future deals than to profit small from the deal on the table.

Facts on Nathan’s connections are hard to come by, but he’s rumored to have connected Caspian White to LiveLyfe creator Evan Cohen, to have introduced Forage founders Onyx Scott and Aiden Page, and countless other credits.

Nathan’s first significant company was the online education site, which he sold to Teach.Org for a $100M buyout after just 18 months at the helm. He then parlayed that sum with a string of investments in such breakout startups as GameStorming and Evercrunch.

Due to the 10X’ing of his investments in these startups, pundits argued that super-connector Nathan may have had insider information that gave him an advantage. Allegations of insider trading were lobbed around but were, in all cases, quickly dismissed. His relationship with GameStorming CEO Caspian White was noted but came to nothing, whereas Evercrunch barely even gave him a blip. At the time, nobody could establish connections between Nathan and Evercrunch. However, he did have close ties to producer Cole Ellison, who boxes regularly with Evercrunch’s Ben Stone. (And of course, the lack of a connection between Nathan and Stone was then quickly rectified.)

Nathan’s social life is somewhat unusual. It’s not quite accurate to say that Nathan has friends in the normal sense, but it definitely looks like it from the outside due to his abundance of acquaintances. The same is true of adversaries. Because he prefers to stay behind the deals rather than in front of them, Nathan has few true enemies. Instead, he’s the subject of many petty grudges. (Hurricane Apparel’s Ashton Moran is one notable example.)

Similarly, the press has never been able to establish more than brief connections between Nathan and a love interest. It’s not really accurate to say that Nathan “dates.” It’s truer that he makes efficient sexual appointments that don’t interfere with hours he’d rather be working.

As with his business dealings, relationships with women tend to be focused and goal-driven, conducted like negotiations. When Nathan and a woman get together, each has a goal. As long as the goal for both is pleasure with no strings, Nathan makes an effort to find the time.

Nathan does have one other rule: He will not go out with the same woman more than three times unless there is an established business reason for doing so. Returning to the same well in the past has demonstrated to Nathan that given enough exposure, even the most stalwart “it’s just sex” women tend to get attached … and his calendar, with all his networking, is already full enough.


If you’d like to read all about Nathan in his own story, his Trillionaire Boys’ Club book, The Connector, is available now. Click here to get it.


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  2. Lisa Romans says:

    If that’s Nathan, one, he’s gorgeous! Two, he is in control and domineering. And three, did I say gorgeous already? I can’t remember.

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  4. d says:

    Intriguing! Right up my… well no need to babble on about it. Waiting with baited breath.

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