Excerpt from The Burning Rivalry

Burning RivalryThis is an excerpt of my book The Burning Rivalry — book 2 in the Trevor’s Harem series. It’s a psychological mind-fuck and hot as hell. Get your copy here for only 99 cents during preorder.

I slap my hand high for a hold at the top, but someone grabs my wrist, and it’s all I can do not to scream.


It’s Daniel, lying flat at the cliff’s top, next to the anchor.

“Don’t say anything, Bridget. Don’t you dare.”

I feel dizzy. I’m thirty feet up, unsteady, and the girl with the rope doesn’t like me. The girl five feet from her likes me even less. Daniel has taken a hand I need to hang on. My leg and forearm muscles are weary and shaking. He scared the hell out of me, and now it’s like he’s going to push me off.

The grip tightens. Enough that it hurts. Then he wedges a stick into the dirt and pushes down. It bows then snaps. Below me, in my peripheral vision, I see Trevor give a start.

“Tell them something broke,” Daniel says.

“What the hell are you — ”

“Do it.”

I turn my head. “Something broke.”

“What broke?” Trevor calls up to me.

“Tell him it was the root by the blue thing with all the cams.”

“It was a root,” I say. “By the blue thing with all the cams.”

“Tell him the cam thing is kind of coming loose.”

“The cam thing is coming loose, Trevor! I think it’s — ”

“Don’t ad-lib. She’ll know the difference.”

“Who will?” I say.

“Shit,” Trevor mutters from below. Then, concern audible in his voice: “Don’t lean onto the rope. Okay, Bridget? I need you to try and down-climb.”

I move to obey, but Daniel pulls my arm harder. “Tell him you’ll walk down.”

I look at where Daniel is. My face is barely at the edge, and there isn’t much to grab beyond it.

“Are you shitting me?”

“Just say it.”

“How did you get up here?”

“I walked,” Daniel tells me.


“To fuck you.”

I go limp at the blunt force of his words hitting me like a hammer. So much about this is wrong, I should backtrack on the weirdness alone. Instead, I feel my breath coming heavier. This time, it’s not just exhaustion and fear.

I turn my head. “I’m going to climb up and walk down.”

“Jesus, no. Come down. There are five anchors up there. You’ll be fine.”

“They’ll know if I don’t come down,” I tell Daniel.

“No. If you go down, they’ll know,” he corrects.

“You’re crazy.”

“Kylie will know, and she’ll find a way to make you pay. That’s what she does, Bridget. She’s a manipulator. It’s why she’s here. She gets people to do things they don’t intend to do.”

I know all about that. I remember slapping her, and how she smiled after I did.

“You have to trust me, Bridget. It’s in your character to refuse to listen, and Trevor knows it. So he won’t be surprised. He’ll assume you’re disobeying just to disobey.”

“Come on down, Bridget,” Trevor calls from below.

But Kat must not get the point, because instead of saying something Russian to make me retreat, she leans onto the rope, lifting me up toward the anchor.

“Bridget, you don’t even know the way back d— ”

But I’ve gripped a root and heaved myself upward. Daniel reels me in like a catch from my other hand. A moment later, I’m beside him and, wasting no time, his hand is between my legs, kneading, spreading wetness I barely knew was there.


“Shout down that you’re fine.”

His mouth on my neck. Hungry. His hand sliding inside my loose elastic pants.

“Shout it. Now.”

“I’m fine!

The hand all the way down, Daniel’s fingers inside me. I’m completely lost in him as he breathes into me and covers my mouth with his.

“Now come for me,” he demands. “But do it quick.”

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