The Long-Anticipated Series and Title Reveal!

The “Syndicate” has finally arrived!

OMG, it’s finally here! All the mystery and teasing surrounding my upcoming “Join The Syndicate” project has been fun, but it’s also been exhausting. I can’t really talk about the book (or the whole series; a new book will come out EVERY MONTH starting on 11/1) when I can’t even give you the NAME of the book or the series, or even reveal the hook.

Because ladies, this series has a KILLER hook!

It goes like this:

What’s hotter than billionaires?

Trillionaires, of course.

But the problem is, nobody has a trillion dollars. It’s absurd to think that anyone would, at least at this point in history. Forbes named Bill Gates the richest man in the world, and that guy only has about $90 billion — not even 1/10th of the way to a trillion. What a pussy, right?

(I know, I know … why am I worrying about realism in a romance novel? People keep asking me that. The answer is because I think YOU DESERVE AN HONEST STORY, not one I pulled out of my ass and slapped together. Because after all, what’s sexier than believability?)

So to solve the “trillionaires are unrealistic” problem, I got an idea.

One trillionaire is ridiculous.

But what’s NOT ridiculous is a group of billionaires who pool their money to create a trillion: enough money to shake governments and reinvent society — to change the world, as it were.

That’s how the Syndicate was born.

But there’s more to this story. See, outside of romance novels, billionaires have an image problem. They’re usually ugly old white men who never see the sun. That meant my cabal wouldn’t all be young hot guys. Of course not. There’d be women in that group. There’d be crusty old dudes. There’d be geeky virgins.

(WAIT! Keep reading! It’s about to get better. 🙂 )

So I realized there would need to be a group inside the group.

There would be a cabal WITHIN the cabal.

A small group that created the Syndicate, who were there from the beginning. A group that controlled it.

A group that the public already knew and loved … because they were the handsome guys on all the magazine covers, wearing their ten-thousand-dollar suits and shining their cufflinks.

These guys had the public’s eye. They were a fitting “best face” for the Syndicate’s otherwise stodgy public image.

And that, right there, was the birth of the TRILLIONAIRE BOYS’ CLUB … which just so happens to be the name of my brand-new series, launching on November 1st.

You’ve already met some members of the Trillionaire Boys’ Club — the first members of the controlling group inside the Syndicate.

Caspian White, from Gagged.

The guys from Trevor’s Harem.

And a few others.

But now you’ll meet Nathan Turner.

Nathan is the master networker and connection-maker who formed the Syndicate. He did it by gathering the youngest, hottest, most alpha-asshole bad-boy billionaires the world already knew and “loved to hate.” Nathan made the smaller group first — the Trillionaire Boys’ Club — so he could attract the “old guard” to join the larger Syndicate.

Nathan is the creator.

Nathan is the founder.

Nathan Turner, everyone knows, is THE CONNECTOR.

In the first book of the Trillionaire Boys’ Club series, you’ll see Nathan meet his match in a bright college freshman named Alexandra — or Alex, as she prefers to be called.

Nathan’s working hard to make the connections needed to form his Syndicate. So will Alex stand in his way and be his undoing? Or is it possible she could really be just the piece of leverage he needs to build an empire?

That’s the story of my new book, coming out on November 1 of this year.

It’s called “THE TRILLIONAIRE BOYS’ CLUB: THE CONNECTOR” (Or just “The Connector.”)

In December, you’ll meet another member of the Club, starring in his own book. It’ll be named the same way: The Trillionaire Boys’ Club, a colon, and then his title — the unique thing that makes him rich and infamous.

In January, you’ll meet another.

And so on. And so on.

You’ll meet a new bad-boy billionaire member of the Trillionaire Boys’ Club every month for six months before the series will take a break and spin you off into something I’ve been building toward for a full year already. (And after that it’ll continue, with book 7.)


As with all of my books, the individual volumes in the TBC series can be read out of order, but there’s a thread of story behind them … so die-hards may prefer to read them in the order they were written. That’s your call, but I strongly suggest you read Nathan’s book first because it talks about the formation of the Club and the Syndicate.

(SIDE NOTE: The story REALLY starts before the TBC series even begins: toward the end of my book Almost Wrong. Be sure to get that one so you’re all caught up!)

So that’s the story.

That’s the Trillionaire Boys’ Club, and it’s going to change the world.

THAT’S where you’ll meet Nathan for the first time, and see how this whole Trillionaire Boys’ Club thing begins.

Are you ready?


THE SYNDICATE IS FORMING NOW. Get your copy of book 1 in the Trillionaire Boys’ Club series — The Connector — by clicking here.

7 Replies to “The Long-Anticipated Series and Title Reveal!”

  1. Christy Suggs says:

    Omg… I’m so excited and antsy to get my hands on the first book. Knowing that there will be seven in this series is going to kill me every month waiting for the next book to come out. Thank you Aubrey for being my entertainment throughout my illness. Not able to do much but sit in a chair and devour books. Thank you for being an AWESOME writer so we can enjoy your books. Can’t wait.. Is it November 1st yet??

    • Aubrey says:

      Actually, there will be more than seven! There will be six that lead up to a sideways project, but then I’ll continue with book 7 and beyond in this core series beyond that. The side project is a whole new thing of its own, and I hope (and think) you will enjoy it!

  2. Armenia says:

    Wow. I’m intrigued, I want to read it but first, I need to go find Almost Wrong, so I’ll be caught up.

  3. LaTanya says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to learn more about Nathan and Alex. I know it’s going to be steam and very exciting. Also love the cover.

  4. Bettie says:

    I’m quite pleased with the inmiafrtoon in this one. TY!

  5. http://www./ says:

    Keep up the good work , I read few articles on this web site and I believe that your web blog is real interesting and holds lots of excellent information.

  6. know we love this too because of U..On the menu this week..hope it works in Delicata too..that’s what I have.. ! And I want that! I found it so beautiful the first time I laid eyes on it:)Thanks again.

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