Meet Ashton

Name: Ashton Moran

Company: Hurricane Apparel

Net Worth: $2.2 Billion

Key Connections: Nathan Turner, Cole Ellison, Caspian White, others

Ashton Moran’s company, Hurricane Apparel, was the first clothing manufacturer to make widespread integration between apparel and technology both practical, seamless, and appealing to consumers. Hurricane’s debut lines were all in the athletic sector: clothing for serious athletes, clothing for weekend warriors and hobbyists, and sponsored clothing lines for major sporting franchises. It has since diversified into non-athletic wearable tech, but the company’s mainstays are still in sports and recreation.

All of Hurricane’s clothing is embedded with a variety of sensors meant to monitor the wearer’s physical condition: not just heartbeat and breathing, but also VO2, perspiration rate, skin temperature, and more. Used in conjunction with the company’s suite of smartphone apps, Hurricane’s clothing gives athletes more visibility into their physical state while exercising than ever before — something many athletes report has allowed them to optimize their training and reap commensurate gains.

Hurricane truly took off when its apparel was worn by a team that ended up winning the Super Bowl. The coach mentioned the app-integrated gear in a press conference; Hurricane bought a ton of commercial spots to capitalize; Hurricane’s PR specialist Alyssa Galloway masterminded a guerrilla publicity campaign built on rumor and carefully selected negative mentions (Galloway’s signature move). The rest was history.

Personally, Ashton Moran is known as an immaculate dresser and a notorious ladies’ man. Friends joke that Ashton spends more on his wardrobe than most billionaires spend on cars. They also joke that Ashton is incapable of love and only feels lust. Ashton claims this is ridiculous. He just has no interest in love — at least as far as his conquests are concerned. “Fucking is more fun than ‘lovemaking,'” he’ll say. And he says “lovemaking” in obvious air quotes so that nobody might think he’d ever use the word as a real thing.

In the opinion of Galloway, who many claim is the unsung asset responsible for much of Hurricane’s popular success (it gets all the right press at all the right times), the largest obstacle between Hurricane Apparel’s stellar growth and STRATOSPHERIC growth is Ashton Moran himself. He’s a brilliant businessman, a ruthless negotiator, and lover of fine things — something that means his apparel doesn’t just work; it looks great, too. He’s always led Hurricane down a premium-products path (a simple sweat-wicking, app-enabled workout shirt from Hurricane runs over $200) and knows his company’s brand spot-on. But he’s a cad and he leaves pissed-off, sometimes broken-hearted women carelessly in his wake. He’s a cold-hearted womanizer … and everyone knows it.

Behind closed doors, Galloway has argued with Ashton extensively about changing his public image to improve Hurricane’s market share. But in Ashton’s opinion, “who he is” doesn’t matter when it comes to “whether his company’s clothing is worth buying.” Galloway argues that his asshole persona grates on the public — and that as long as he remains a loud-and-proud philanderer, Hurricane will never get press where it could make the biggest difference: writeups in magazines like Women’s Health, Family Circle, or even People.

Despite many fights, Ashton refuses to change. To Ashton, women are disposable. What’s more, he argues that if he tried to “change his public image to seem nicer,” he’d actually be doing the women he sleeps with a disservice. If they know he’s a love-’em-and-leave-’em sort of guy from the start, at least all cards are on the table. If he lies, though, they’ll be disappointed when he doesn’t call and moves on to his next conquest.

In Ashton Moran’s opinion, the best thing Hurricane could do to increase its profits would be to land endorsements with more major sports franchises.

Hurricane PR agent Alyssa Galloway, however, believes that the best way for the company to increase profits would be for its CEO to settle the hell down for a change … maybe even find a way to fake falling in love.


If you’d like to read all about Ashton in his own story, his Trillionaire Boys’ Club book, The Clothing Mogul, is available now. Click here to get it.

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