Ten Questions with Syndicate Founder Nathan Turner

Yesterday, billionaire and master networker Nathan Turner (subject of Aubrey Parker’s new romance novel coming out on 11-1-16) took your questions. You asked, Nathan answered. If you haven’t met Nathan Turner yet, you can read his dossier here.

Below are the ten questions Nathan chose to answer. If he didn’t choose your question, what can I say? The guy is beautiful and rich, but he’s also a raging asshole.

Lauren G: How do you operate behind the scenes of so many powerful companies?

A: I simply see inefficiencies in businesses that their owners are too close to their own operations to see. Company A might have market breadth but lack mindshare with buyers. Company B, on the other hand, might have a fantastic brand but lack what Company A does best. A partnership between the two benefits both. It’s not pulling strings that matters so much as making introductions. I’m a connector. I introduce people with talent and assets to each other. My talent is in taking two plus two and, through the right connections, making them add up to ten. 

Kristin: What is it in your past that makes you stay out of the limelight? Why behind the scenes when you are leading the deals?

A: It’s not my past that makes me prefer a lower profile. It’s the fact that the tallest poppies are the ones who get their heads lopped off. Look at the scandals surrounding the acquisition of GameStorming by LiveLyfe. You always hear about possible wrongdoing by Caspian, Onyx, and Aiden, right? You never hear similar accusations lobbed at me, even though I was instrumental in that deal. I’m not afraid of taking heat, but I’m also not stupid enough to take it on when it’s not necessary. By staying below the radar in the biggest deals, I reap the benefit without any of the downside. It’s the purest distillation of a perfect business. The purest source of power and profit.

[Various]: What’s the deal with your “only date the same woman a maximum of three times” rule? (Compiled from several people’s questions)

A: Pfft. You know how women are. No matter how much they say something can just be about sex, they’re always just fooling themselves. A secret I learned is this: they’re not actually pretending. They actually believe they can just get off and get out. And hey, I know that happens. I’m not an idiot. I know women are sexual beings who can have a fling like any man. All I can say is that it’s never happened to me.

Not long ago, I met the hottest piece of ass. She was cheating on some guy to fuck me, so I figured I’d discovered the loophole. She and this other guy had a thing going, but it had gotten boring. By the time I got involved, her relationship with this other dude was totally asexual. So we fucked and she took her conversation and discussion and crying and all that bullshit to him. It was great. I got laid and he had to deal with all the time-consuming relationship crap. We even joked about it, her and I. “You’re just a cock to me,” she said. And then I’d prove it.

But then do you know what happened? Our own little joke turned on me. She laughed at the idea of me being “just a cock to her” and that laughter made her feel something toward me. Like we were best friends now with this one inside joke. And the next time I went to bend her over something she said, “Wait. I want to know how you feel about me.” I told her she was smoking hot and had a super tight pussy. She said that wasn’t what she meant. And that’s when it hit me. She wanted some sort of an emotional connection. I almost couldn’t fuck her. Almost.

That was the fifth time we hooked up. Just five times. And so I made a rule. I figured there was a lot of pussy out there for a rich, good-looking guy like me, so why did I need to settle? I decided to play it safe. THREE TIMES; that became the rule.

I’m not interested in loving anyone. My business is girlfriend enough for me.

Jean: Would you reject an advantageous business relationship if there were sexual strings attached which violate your 3 encounter rule?

A: Absolutely not. I have three or four women I’m currently rotating under that basis. One of them is particularly pertinent: a connection of mine named Celeste, who I keep satisfied because she’s a media buyer with a lot of pull. I don’t really need much media, but my other friends do. Connections matter. Celeste has kept her clinginess mostly under control, but she does impose a lot, testing my limits. Like this thing coming up. She asked me to speak at her alma mater. Why the hell would I want to speak for a college class? It sounds obnoxious. I very, VERY seriously doubt I could meet anyone of interest on that errand. I mean, shit … am I supposed to wheel and deal with a freshman? Such crap.

Jana: What caused the grudge between you and Ashton Moran?

A: He’s just an arrogant, self-centered playboy asshole. He runs an apparel business and never, NEVER goes anywhere without dressing to the nines, with his hair perfectly coifed and usually a goddamn $500 pocket square. Frankly, his stubbornness is in the way of my plans for the Syndicate. And his female record? To think that people call me a ladykiller. The guy can’t go ten minutes without fucking some hot catch. Someone should write a book about that guy.

Diane: Nathan, why acquire “only enough and no more” money to join?

A: It’s just inefficient to amass more when I should be using my strongest talent for the Syndicate. I don’t need to prove myself to these people. This is a case where I’ll do the minimum. What I bring to the table beyond my billion is worth that much a thousand times over.

Michelle: What is the thing you’ve found (if any) that money has not been able to buy?

A: Everything and everyone is for sale. You can’t buy longer life (yet … but talk to me in a few decades because you just never know) and you don’t seem to be able to buy people back from the dead. But aside from life and so-called “matters of the heart,” there’s virtually nothing enough money won’t buy. You can buy someone’s integrity right out from under them. And if you can’t, you can buy that man’s neighbor, who will sell out to bury him for you. Sometimes people say money can’t buy happiness. That’s total bullshit. People who say it are clearly poor or not actually trying.

Michelle: Oh and how do you feel about anal?

A: That sure looks like a second question from the same person to me. Someone can’t follow simple instructions. If you were here, I’d need to teach you a lesson in a rather harsh and interesting manner.

However, I’ll allow it because it’s an excellent question. The answer is that I love it when the woman loves it. Most say they’d never do it, but really they just won’t admit the fantasy. They want me to talk them into it, and when I’m balls deep in them, those same good girls come loud enough to shake the rafters.

Tiffany: The zombie apocalypse has started! You only have time to grab the first five things closest to you, what are they?

A: The closest things to me right now, as I sit in my office, are yes-men and lawyers. Fortunately they’d make for excellent “currency” for hungry zombies.

Lauren L: How do you feel about pizza?

A: Questions like this are the reason I so rarely do interviews.

If you’d like to read all about Nathan in his own story, his Trillionaire Boys’ Club book, The Connector, is available now. Click here to get it.

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